Printer Repair Course

Printer Repair Course

Course schedule

Schedule – 1

Addmition Procedure, Fees Paid, Introduction Notes & Tools
1. Welcome, Introduction, Printer Basic Introduction to printers, Types of Mechanism, Impact Non     Impact .
2. Basic Concept of DeskJet, Dot-matrix, Laser Common Difference Between 3 Mechanism.
3. DeskJet Printer Main Assembly & Parts Demo.
4. Dismenting & Reassembling HP DeskJet Printer 640C or 670C.
> 5. Different Parts Identify with Troubleshooting of parts.
6. Some Problem we create you find solution.
7. Paper feeder sensor, Door sensor
8.Decoder strip stepper motor pinch roller cortase sensor.

Schedule – 2

8. HP DeskJet DJ840C or All in one.
9. Dismenting & Reassembling HP DeskJet with Troubleshooting & Part Identifier.
10.Laser Printers Working Concept Block diagram & Laser printer laser printer circuit importance &      introduction.
11.Importance & Introduction.
12.HP LaserJet 6L Dismanting & Reassemble with Troubleshooting & Port Identify.
13.Common Fault & equality of Printer Detail Regarding Important of Main Assemble.
14.Control unit fuse unit, power unit,lens assembly rom slot-7 Scanner device.

Schedule – 3

1. Canon LJ 1010 or Parts.
2. All in One Laser/DeskJet Models.
3. Circuit Concept, Overall DC control card and formatter.

4. Refilling Cartridge / Reset toner           control.
5. Understanding Error of printers.
6. Error of Scanner in MFDS.

Schedule – 4

1. Dot Matrix Concept mechanism daisy, chain drum printer
2. Printer head working paper supply section control selection processor sector.
3. Pin Head Refurbish, SMPS Board Concept
4. SMPS Bord Concept
5. Papper coder, stepper motors.
6. Practice, PCB Concept

Schedule – 5

1. DMP
2. Practice
3. PCB Concept

Completing above concep you are eligible for certificate


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